When an employer violates wage laws and refuses to pay you for work completed, you can take legal action against the employer to recover your unpaid wages. Our Columbus, Ohio Unpaid Wages Lawyer can recover all wages you are owed from your employer or former employer for all hours worked.

Employers often violate federal and Ohio wage laws by refusing or failing to properly pay employees overtime wages or minimum wages for all hours worked. Our Columbus Wages Lawyer frequently pursues claims on behalf of employees for violations of both federal and Ohio wage laws and can explain your legal rights to you.

Employers sometimes refuse to pay employees for all overtime hours worked, fail to track and pay for “off-the-clock” work, or fail to pay out vacation pay or paid-time-off (PTO) days when an employee resigns or is fired. Employers may also improperly withhold an employee’s final paycheck for a variety of reasons that are not permissible.

Your employer is required to pay you for every hour you have worked. If you are owed unpaid wages of any kind, seeking legal advice from an experienced Columbus Unpaid Wages Lawyer is essential. You may have an upaid wages claim and speaking with an Ohio unpaid wages attorney will ensure you know your rights.

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