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Employers are prohibited by both federal and state law from wrongfully terminating their employees for a number of improper reasons. Some of the reasons include, but are not limited to, terminating employees who are protected by the various anti-discrimination statutes (i.e. disability discrimination / ADA discrimination, FMLA discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, race discrimination, etc.) for an improper or discriminatory reason prohibited by those laws. An employer also cannot terminate an employee for complaining about an improper wage issue such as the employer’s refusal to pay all overtime wages earned or the proper minimum wage under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)($7.25/hour) and Ohio law ($8.30/hour as of January 1, 2018). There are numerous other situations where a firing or lay-off would constitute wrongful termination.

However, because Ohio is an “at-will” employment state, employers do have the right to terminate employees for any non-discriminatory and non-retaliatory reason. Even if an employee has not really done anything “wrong” to warrant being fired and even if other employees have engaged in the same conduct and not been fired, that does not necessarily mean that the employee has a claim for wrongful termination. Our Columbus Wrongful Termination Lawyers have extensive experience in analyzing these issues and explaining to employees whether or not they may have a claim for wrongful termination against their former employers. If there is some question about the real motives for your termination and whether your employer may have wrongfully terminated your employment, our Columbus Wrongful Termination Attorney may also be able to negotiate a severance payment on your behalf.

If you believe you may have a wrongful termination claim or that your employer may have wrongfully terminated your employment, contact our Columbus Wrongful Termination Lawyers today to discuss your legal rights. You may have a valid wrongful termination claim and speaking with an Ohio Wrongful Termination Attorney will ensure you know your rights.

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