Columbus Vacation Pay Lawyer / PTO Attorney 

Another common issue that our Unpaid Wages Attorneys see is employers who improperly refuse to pay employees their vacation pay or paid-time-off (PTO) when their employment ends (whether by voluntary resignation or termination/lay off). State law governs whether departing employees are entitled to be paid their vacation pay or PTO after they leave an employer. Both federal and state law, however, require the employer to pay the employee for all hours actually worked before their employment ends. Whether the employer must additionally pay vacation time or PTO depends on numerous factors. Such factors include, but are not limited to, whether the employee’s vacation pay or PTO had already “accrued” or not, the specific written company policies that govern payment of vacation pay / PTO upon departure, and whether the employer has a practice of paying out vacation pay or PTO.  Sometimes different policies apply depending on whether the employee was fired or resigned. However, there are several other important considerations that must be analyzed by an experienced Unpaid Wages Lawyer to determine whether you may have claims for unpaid vacation pay or unpaid PTO after you leave your employment.

If you believe you may have an unpaid vacation pay or unpaid PTO claim or that your employer may have violated its obligations to pay you your PTO after your employment ends, contact our Columbus Vacation Pay Lawyers today to discuss your legal rights. You may have a valid unpaid wages claim and speaking with an Ohio PTO attorney will ensure you know your rights.

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